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HyperText Markup Language (HTML) is the base of the Web which needs deep attention and creation.

Are you developing Web Pages? If Yes, That’s Great. You are at Right Place. You must be using an Editor to create or edit your HTML Documents. Then, Find some Good Reasons to Switch your Editor. If new to HTML, Why to use Windows default Notepad, if You can have editor that highlights your Code Syntax, allow autocompletion and much more.

Here you will come to know 7 best html editor for windows which will ease your work hassles and also make your code look good. Give yourself a chance to overcome Editor Selection Issues.

While Researching, We have gone through 100+ of HTML Editor for Windows to provide you best out of them. And, we got 7 best HTML Editor for Windows with great functionalities just for you.

Benefits of Selecting a good html editor for windows is to speedily design and develop web pages using tools and add a good content to your Web Page.

Actually, Selection of a great HTML Editor for Windows boosts your Productivity.

HTML Editor For Windows

Here below, In best html editor for windows, you will find three type of Editors namely HTML Editor FREE, HTML Editor Paid, HTML Editor WYSIWYG. So, Get to know about all the bests depending on your needs. If you are Windows (or Windows 10) User, then select from HTML Editor for Windows. Otherwise enjoy Multi-Platform HTML Editor made for every Operating System (OS).

FREE Download HTML Editor from the Official link provided with every Editor Specification.


Notepad++ Editor

Notepad++ Editor is one of my favourite editors and a best html editor for windows. It is a Simple and FREE Source Code Editor.

FREE as in “free speech” and also as in “free beer”

Someone famous in Notepad ++

Notepad Plus Plus Editor comes in existence when Windows Default Notepad Editor failed in fulfilling needs of the Developers. This is a very Simple looking Editor. Beginners find it easy, Professionals feel its Power.

Notepad++ gain its power from interactive Third Party Plugins which enhances its productivity.

Important Features of Editor Notepad++ :

  • Based on Powerful Editing Component Scintilla.
  • Higher Execution Speed
  • Smaller Program Size
  • Less CPU Power Consumption resulting in Less Carbon Dioxide Emission.
  • Multi Line and Vertical Tab Compatibility, Multi Document and Multi View Functionality (Can be customized).
  • WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get for Printing)
  • Supports Multi-Lingual Environment Setup
  • Macro recording and playback

Notepad Plus Plus Download Free (Current Version 7.5.1) from the Official Website

Sublime Text

Sublime Text Editor

Sublime Text Editor is an amazing Cross Platform Code Editor made for Linux, Mac, Windows. Till now, it has gained a lot of praises from Developers. Appearance wise has a good GUI Look and Feel and is much more comfortable. Customizable Appearance makes it more User Friendly. It can be easily customized via extensions and JSON files.

Sublime Text Editor can also be called as a Best html editor for windows

Important Features of Editor Sublime Text :

  • Better Performance
  • Cross Platform Compatible
  • Instant Project Switching
  • Split Editing
  • Powerful API and Package Control System
  • Easy to navigate Command Palette
  • Instant Project Switching
  • Multiple Selections
  • GoTo Anything
  • GoTo Definition

FREE Download Sublime Text Editor (Current Build – Sublime Text 3 (Build 3143)) from the Official Website

Microsoft Visual Studio Community

Microsoft Visual Studio Community

Visual Studio Community is a fully-featured Product by Microsoft which provides a powerful IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for developing Applications for Web, Android, iOS etc.

It’s Free for all. Visual Studio provides such advance Features which allows Out of the Box editing for HTML and CSS. It includes a lot of Extensions which helps in developing Complex Websites.

Important Features of Microsoft Visual Studio Community :

  • Cross Platform Compatible and much flexible
  • Enhances Productivity as all designers, developers, debuggers can work with a single tool
  • Has a huge amount of extensions for every need
  • Code Support for every language
  • Advanced Debugging Tool
  • GIT Integration

FREE Download Visual Studio Community (VS Community 2017) from the Official Website


Brackets Editor

Brackets Editor is founded by Adobe to push your kind of Web Developers to a new level. It is a Cross Platform Editor supported for Windows, Linux, Mac etc.

Brackets understand Web Designs and has the capability to read designs such as colors, fonts, gradients, and more directly from a PSD file and convert it to CSS.

Important Features of Brackets Editor :

  • Inline Editors
  • Live Preview
  • Preprocessor Support
  • High Speed Workflow
  • Beautiful Formats
  • GIT Integration
  • W3C Validator

FREE Download Brackets Editor (VS Community 2017) from the Official Website


CoffeeCup Editor

CoffeeCup Editor is comparatively a good html editor for windows that comes in two versions. A free one and a Paid one. Both offers a Test Environment.

Free Version is perfect for Beginners. But if you want a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) Platform. You must need to have an investment. Get Paid version of CoffeeCup and enjoy Live Preview. Paid version includes much more features including HTML & CSS Validation, Code Cleaner, Tag Library etc.

Important Features of CoffeeCup Editor :

  • Customizable Toolbar
  • Suggestive Code Completion
  • Responsive Themes
  • High Speed Workflow
  • Well Organized Files and Formats
  • Stylesheet Wizard

FREE Download CoffeeCup Editor from the Official Website


Atom Editor

Atom Editor is a FREE and Open Source Code Editor which is created by developers for developers. GitHub Developers developed this Cross Platform Editor.

It is Free to use and has an inbuilt MIT License.

Atom Editor comes with basic features and to enhance functionality, you need to add Packages to it using Package Installer.

Important Features of CoffeeCup Editor :

  • AutoCompletion
  • Package Manager
  • Responsive Themes
  • Multiple Panes
  • File System Browser
  • Find and Replace

FREE Download Atom Editor from the Official Website


NetBeans Editor

NetBeans Editor is a powerful IDE (Integrated Development Environment) by Java. It helps in developing Desktop, Mobile and Web Applications.

It has a learning capability. As long as you use this editor, this will understand your way of coding and will be a very useful tool for you.

Important Features of NetBeans Editor :

  • Code Templates and Generators
  • Large Projects Management
  • Plugins Marketplace
  • Allows Developers to create Plugins and share

FREE Download NetBeans Editor (Current Version – NetBeans IDE 8.2) from the Official Website

Conclusion – Best HTML Editor for Windows

I think you have a got a selection to Best HTML Editor for Windows that completely satisfy your needs. At Least, Test every one of the above mentioned Editors and find out the best one fulfilling your requirements, if has not selected your HTML Editor for Windows yet. Above, you will find HTML Editor for Windows, HTML Editor for Mac, HTML Editor for Linux etc. either Paid or FREE. Tell us about your Selection in the Comments Below with your Reason. If using another great editor, Please Mention it in Comments.


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